Gr 4

Update:   November 2nd, 2018

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Dear Parents of Grade 4 Students.

Sent home today was 2 lengthy packages which explain an exciting project involving UBC student and professors.   This is a study about how to maximize student engagement in our diverse class of students.   I fully support the goals of this project, which is very much in line with teaching the new BC curriculum.   There is a student and parent permission form (sorry for the length!) that is due back at school tomorrow or ASAP.  For me, this has been very interesting to work with UBC.   Please help us by sending in the forms (2 sheets – one parental and one student consent) as soon as possible.

One more consent form (as if that is not enough!) is for a field trip to the UBC museum of Anthropology.  This is a full day trip on November 14th.

This week we have been working through the provincial FSA tests, as well as our Animal Senses and Adaptation project which can be found on a link under “online resources”.  This has been a pretty exciting project, and I think the results will be quite something.

Thanks for your ongoing support,    Peter Stocker