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The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.


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Dear Parents:  I hope you are having a wonderful January!  The grade one students are hard at work and doing lots of interesting projects.  Thanks for all of your support for Career Day and the Animal Projects.

Thanks to the parents who volunteered their time to come for Career Day.  From grade one we had:

Mr. Camillo-Amisano, Mrs. Guadagni, Mr. McClean, Mrs. Pasqua, Mrs. Quick, Mr. Reilly,

Mrs. Teixeira, Mr. Teixeira, and Mr. Vincenzi.  We also want to thank Father Tuan for sharing his

vocation with the students.  We also had the pleasure of having Mrs. Antonel and Mrs. Kraljevic who

are parents from other grades.

The children learned about some of the different community workers who keep us safe, healthy, and happy.  The students have also been researching four community workers that they chose–police officers, fire fighters, doctors/nurses, and farmers.  With the help of our Classmate consultant                    Mr. Carlo Sayo, the children did their presentations on their community helpers.  These will be uploaded to the Seesaw accounts when finished.

The Animal Projects are due at the end of January and each child will have an opportunity to present their animal project to the class.  Each presentation will be videotaped and put on the students’ Seesaw accounts.

As you can see, we are busy doing many different things.  The children are responding well to oral presentations and enjoy the various activities.  Thank you for your continued support.  We could not accomplish all of these goals without you!


Dear Parents and Students,

Please remember that I am available throughout the week if you have any questions or concerns.

Just write a note and send it with your child or speak to me at the end of the day when the children are dismissed.

As a team, we can help each child succeed this year.

Kind regards,

Mrs. Radford

We are now working on addition, subtraction, and problem solving.  At this age it is recommended that children solve simple equations using counters.  We are also working on solving for the missing number: 7 + ? = 11 or 12 – ? = 8.  During problem solving, children are asked to follow the process questions:  Is this problem addition or subtraction?  How many did we start with? How many are joining up or being taken away?  How many do we have in all or left?  At home, try to do one addition and one subtraction equation each day.  Check to see if your child can solve to find the missing number.  Thank you.

During February, the children will be tested for their report cards.  Reader sight words are tested as regularly as possible.  If you feel your child needs testing please send a note to school.  Sight words should be worked on every night so that words are recognized automatically.

Most children now have the fourth reader “Sun and Shadow”.  Please continue to help your child learn all of the reader words as well as the Dolch Primer words.   The children should only bring home one reader.  They should bring home the most difficult reader to practice at home.  Some children are using the Home Reading Program frequently.  If your child is not bringing home books, please send a note to school.  As your child progresses, they should be choosing more difficult books.  The books are leveled, A being the easiest and N the hardest.  The letter is indicated on the back of most books.  Please check to see that your child is reading many other books besides the reader.  Thank you.

 Encourage your child to read a little bit every day.  Watch to see that your child is choosing books that are a little bit challenging but easy to read for the most part.

Your child could also read books from home and should include these on the reading list in the home reading bag.

During the second term we are working on the short vowel sounds for a, e, i, o, and u.  Your child should be able to decode simple words with only one vowel.  If your child needs extra practice please request extra work sheets.

Please note: Spelling tests occur on Fridays this year.

* For spelling we use the Dolch Word Lists. The Dolch words are the most common English words used in reading.

* Your child must learn to read and spell every word.

* Each child should be able to read the whole list within one minute by the end of each term.

* The complete list of words will be sent home. If you do not have a copy please send me a note so I can provide one.


This helps them in their reading and writing so much!



Friday, February 1:

Group One:  ride   saw   out   please   pretty   want   was   well   went   what

Group Two:  like   must   new   no   now   on   our    out

Group Three:  all   am   are   said   look   come   here    little

Friday, February 8:

Group One:  there   they   so   white   will   with   yes   who   please   said

Group Two:  eat   four   into   have   please   pretty   ran   ride

Group Three:  blue   funny   where   you   at   ate   be   black

Friday, February 22:

Group One:  all of the Dolch primer words studied during the spelling tests in term two

Group Two:

Group Three:

*When children make mistakes on spelling tests, the difficult words are reviewed on future spelling tests.

We want to help children experience success.

If necessary another spelling group will be created.


If your child misses a spelling test, please give the spelling test at home and then send the mark to school so it can be recorded.  Thank you.

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