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The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.


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Dear Parents and Students:

It was so wonderful to meet you on the “Back to School Parent/Teacher” night.  I hope you received some helpful information.  Do not hesitate to call, send a note, or arrange a meeting if there are questions, suggestions, or concerns you would like to discuss.  Have a fun and successful year with your children and thank you for all of the help and support you give every day.  God bless you!



As a team, we can help each child succeed this year.

Kind regards,

Mrs. Radford


Our second unit has begun:  numbers to 20.  Please practise recognizing, printing, and building sets for the numbers to 20.  We will be working on one and two less and one and two more than a given number to 20.  Children can use blocks, the number line, or counting to find the number.  We will also be exploring the combinations possible for numbers to 20.  Later in the unit we will be estimating a number using a referent of 5 or 10 as a comparison.  If your child knows all of the numbers to 20, please work on numbers up to 100.  Counting forwards and backwards and printing the numbers is very helpful and can lead your child to automatic recognition.  Help your child find number patterns if they can recognize all of the numbers to 100.



To begin, we will review the letter names and sounds.  Students should be able to recognize the letters automatically and this is a skill that should be practised daily if your child is not yet confident.  Most students will receive the first reader and set of word cards during the first week of school.  Help your child to practise the word cards every day and try to read at least one story from the reader.  The reading series and its use is explained in the grade one introductory letter that was sent home the first day of school.  Every child will learn to read at their own pace.

Once the students have learned some of the basic sight vocabulary words, the Home Reading Program will begin.  The children will be encouraged to pick books of interest that they can mostly read.  There are many books to choose from in the classroom collections.  The books will be taken home and the student should attempt to read the book to a parent.  The directions and discussion questions will also be sent home.  Encourage your child to pick books that are not too easy or too hard.  I will also be directing the students to appropriate reading material from the classroom. The Home Reading Program usually begins in November.

In phonics, we will review the letter sounds.  Some homework packages will be sent home for practice.  We want to move quickly through this review so that more time can be spent on the short vowel sounds.  During September, testing will be done to identify the letter names and sounds that cause difficulty.  At home, please review the letter sounds.  Have your child say the individual letter sounds and identify words that begin with each letter sound.  Practice helps to build confidence and confidence promotes learning.

Please note: Spelling tests occur on Fridays this year.

* For spelling we use the Dolch Word Lists. The Dolch words are the most common English words used in reading.

* Your child must learn to read and spell every word.

* Each child should be able to read the whole list within one minute by the end of each term.

* The complete list of words will be sent home. If you do not have a copy please send me a note so I can provide one.


This helps them in their reading and writing so much!




Spelling Test:  Friday, October 25:

Group One:  away   it   jump   little   look   make   me   my

Group Two:  up   the   was   good   big

Group Three:  all of the grade two Dolch words

Group Four:  I   see   big   small   book

*There will soon be three spelling groups in grade one.  After the Oct. 4 spelling test, the three groups will be formed.


*When children make mistakes on spelling tests, the difficult words are reviewed on future spelling tests.

We want to help children experience success.

If some students have difficulty with the number of words, another spelling group will be created.


If your child misses a spelling test, please give the spelling test at home and then send the mark to school so it can be recorded.  Thank you.

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