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Mrs. Radford

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Nov. 1:  MASS–no gym–complete uniforms

Nov. 2:  hot lunch

Nov. 3:  spelling test

Nov. 8:  Remembrance Day Service at 1:00 p.m.

Nov. 9:  Gr. 7 hot lunch

Nov. 10:  no school–Pro-D day

Nov. 13:  no school-Remembrance Day off

Nov. 16:  hot lunch

Nov. 17:  spelling test

Important Announcements

Welcome to Grade One


Dear Parents:

Thank you for the wonderful Hallowe’en lunch provided by the parents and for Mrs. Morabito, Mrs. Peragine, and Mrs. Tomljenovic for organizing the luncheon in the classroom.  Thank you to the Morra family for the pizzas.  The children had an exciting day and hopefully were not too tired to enjoy the Hallowe’en evening.

The children are becoming more comfortable with the classroom routines and usually get along well with their peers.  If there are any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to call me, send a letter, or make an appointment to talk to me.

The children are to bring complete uniforms to school now so that they can change after gym.  Please have your child practice dressing at home so that they become more confident with dressing themselves.  It is taking considerable time for some of the children to change after gym and we hope this improves over time.  Please label all of your child’s clothing as we have some spare pieces of clothing at school now that the children are changing.


We are now into our second math unit.  We are studying the numbers to 20.  Your child should be able to recognize and name the numbers to 20, print the numbers from memory when dictated in random order, count out sets of objects for the numbers to 20, count forwards and backwards from 1 to 20 and 20 to 1, and identify 1 less, 2 less, 1 more and 2 more than any number from 1 to 20.

Some children are still struggling with identifying 1 less, 2 less, 1 more, and 2 more than a given number.  Please use counters to make sets and either take some away or put more in.  As well, the children can use a number line or ruler to count forward or backward.  Ultimately, children should be able to mentally count forwards or backwards to find the correct number.

During this unit, we will also do some estimating with groups of objects.  We will use a group of five or ten as a comparison when estimating groups of objects.  We will also build different arrangements for the numbers to 20.  For example, 8 can be made with a 3 and a 5 or a 7 and a 1.

A set of dot cards was sent home at the beginning of this unit.  The goal is that eventually the students will be able to automatically recognize the number represented by the arrangement of dots especially for the numbers to 10.

Thank you for supporting your child and working on some of these skills at home.  Extra practice goes a long way to increasing the students’ knowledge and confidence.


All of the children have received a reader and a bag of word cards.   Some children have moved on to the second reader.  Well done!  There are many comprehension activities that must be taught and learned and new readers will not be given out until enough comprehension work has been completed.  At home, do daily work to help your child memorize the word cards. At the back of each reader you will see the list of words and the order in which they are taught.  At least one story from the reader should be attempted every day

Home reading program

The home reading program will begin at the end of term one once the children have begun to learn some of the sight reading words.

Some children will begin the home reading program sooner as they have learned sufficient reading sight words.




We are now working on the short vowel sound for a.  Words such cat, ran, tap and Pam.  Please work on finding, spelling, and reading words with the short a sound.  Thank you for all of your help.


Spelling tests occur on Fridays this year.

* For spelling we use the Dolch Word Lists. The Dolch words are the most common English words used in reading.

* Your child must learn to read and spell every word.

* Each child should be able to read the whole list within one minute by the end of each term.

* The complete list of words will be sent home. If you do not have a copy please send me a note so I can provide one.

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR HELPING YOUR CHILD SPELL AND READ THE DOLCH WORDS. This helps them in their reading and writing so much!

Spelling Test:

Spelling words for November 3 are:  went, here, down, come, help, not, one, play, red, run

Spelling words for November 17 are:  make, look, jump, funny, blue, said, see, the, three, to

*When children make mistakes on spelling tests, the difficult words are reviewed on future spelling tests.  We want to help children experience success.

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