Grade 1

Mrs. Radford

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Upcoming Events

Sept. 28–Terry Fox Run

Sept. 29–spelling test

Oct. 1–Readathon begins

Oct. 5–Tale of the Tape–

Oct. 6–Mass; NO GYM–FULL UNIFORM INCLUDING VEST OR SWEATER;                    spelling test

Oct. 9:  Thanksgiving; NO SCHOOL


Important Announcements

Welcome to Grade One


Dear Parents:

Thank you for supporting and helping your child to practice and learn the reading sight words.  Reading lessons have begun and it is essential that children have daily practice with words and reading.  Remember to send the reader back to school every day so that the children are prepared for each lesson.

The children are becoming more comfortable with the classroom routines and seem to be happy to be with their friends again.  If there are any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to call me, send a letter, or make an appointment to talk to me.

During the warm weather, the children have been wearing the gym strip through the day.  Next week we will begin dressing in our uniforms after gym.  Please have your child practice dressing at home so that they become more confident with dressing themselves.


Our first topic is patterns. We have been sorting objects to see how they are the same and how they are different. We have created different patterns using size, shape, colour, position, special feature and number. At home and when you are out in the neighbourhood, help your child find patterns in nature, in books, in signs, on the road, etc.  Thank you for helping your child complete assigned homework.  We are now building patterns with two or more attributes.  For example, the pattern could be built using the same colours and shapes.


All of the children have received a reader and a bag of word cards.   Some children have moved on to the second reader.  Well done!  There are many comprehension activities that must be taught and learned and new readers will not be given out until enough comprehension work has been completed.  At home, do daily work to help your child memorize the word cards. At the back of each reader you will see the list of words and the order in which they are taught.  At least one story from the reader should be attempted every day

Home reading program

The home reading program will begin at the end of term one once the children have begun to learn some of the sight reading words.

Some children will begin the home reading program sooner as they have learned sufficient reading sight words.




We have been reviewing some of the initial consonant sounds. Tests have been done and results have been sent home.  Please help your child recognize and print any letters that gave difficulty.  Some children confuse the letters b and d and these must be practiced regularly until they are recognized confidently.  Please look for weekly homework packages and help your child to follow the directions to complete the assignments.  Thank you for all of your help.


Spelling tests occur on Fridays this year.

* For spelling we use the Dolch Word Lists. The Dolch words are the most common English words used in reading.

* Your child must learn to read and spell every word.

* Each child should be able to read the whole list within one minute by the end of each term.

* The complete list of words will be sent home. If you do not have a copy please send me a note so I can provide one.

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR HELPING YOUR CHILD SPELL AND READ THE DOLCH WORDS. This helps them in their reading and writing so much!

Spelling Test: The third test is on Friday, September 29.

Spelling words for September 29: up  was  come  went  to  down  in  ran

Spelling Test:  The fourth test is on Friday, October 6

Spelling words for October 6:  good  big  blue  and  away  find  for  funny  go  was

*When children make mistakes on spelling tests, the difficult words are reviewed on future spelling tests.  We want to help children experience success.

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