Grade 7


Mrs. B. Crescenzo

“A teacher takes a hand, opens a mind, and touches a heart”

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Welcome to all Grade 7 students and parents!

Please stay informed by keeping us on your home page on family computer or your cell phone.


Homework: (week of 22nd to 25th)

Religion: Complete letter to gr. 2 student due Tuesday

Language Arts: List Poem due Friday

Math: Test on Ch. 7 on Thursday

Science: 5.3 workbook pages due Wednesday

Socials: research for inquiry project (ongoing)



Leadership Council of 2017/2018 is

Marina – President

Grace – Vice President

Intermediate Rep – Aaron

Primary Rep – Jarrell

Secretary/Treasurer – Paulina




Please send absentee notices when your child returns to school.  If you are aware they will be away, you can send the note in advance.

Please start sharing photos of Grade 7 students over the years with me.  Best way is to download them in your photo section of google chrome and share the album with me at

We also need a baby or young photo of each student and then recreate the same photo today.  email both photos to Mrs. Crescenzo

Grade 7 News Articles

AthleticsgeneralGr 7
April 27, 2018

Senior Girls Are Champions Again!

Congratulations to the Senior Girls, who are the 2018 CISVA Soccer Champions.  Hard work and huge hearts helped these young girls reach their goal and win gold.  Thank you to…

generalGr 7
April 27, 2018

Confirmation update

Congratulations to all the OLS Candidates, who received the sacrament on Wednesday, April 25th.  It was a very moving evening for all present, especially for our Grade 7 students and…

AthleticsGr 7
March 9, 2018

Senior Girls CISVA Basketball Champions

Our Senior Girls ‘win it all’ at Richmond Oval, taking home the championship trophy for basketball. Girls were coached by Mr. Balletta and Mr. Giammaria. Congratulations girls and their coaches!

Gr 7
September 27, 2017

Sweatshirts ordered and on their way. See the design!

The students have designed the sweat-shirts and they will be sized on Friday, Sept. 29th. We are all very super excited the design and colour. A payment form will be…

Grade 7 Photos

Grade 7 Art: Carnival Masks

May 18, 2018

STEM in Gr. 7

May 4, 2018

Readers Are Leaders In-House Challenge 2018

April 6, 2018

Living Stations of the Cross 2018

April 2, 2018

Grade Seven Edison Workshop 2018

April 2, 2018