Grade 4

Year End Video and Online Portfolios

Dear Parents,

Once again we reach the end of June, and another milestone for your children.   Thanks for you kindness and support and generosity throughout the year.   I have prepared a year end video which can be downloaded here:

Grade 4 2016-2017


In addition, information was sent home today about online portfolios.  Parents are sent a personalized letter that will allow you to access all the digital projects we have completed as well as highlights of the class work.

Stay tuned for the "musical energy converters video which should be available tonight.

Take care and have a great summer!


Mr. Stocker

First Nations Stop-Motion Videos!

Here at last is the videos the class has worked on, complete with stop-motion green screen effects, and voice over research findings. This is a playlist, so click through to find the five different videos.


QR Code Research

Students today used QR codes to access videos on Sound.  In pairs they completed fact finding research sheets:

Studying Light

The Grade 4 class have been using lenses and prisms to study light.  They have learned about reflection, refraction, dispersion of light, as well as artificial and natural sources of light.

Update: May 22, 2017

Dear Parents,

This has been a very busy couple of weeks, with many activities.   This week we will be completing fractions and decimals:  fraction identification, making and solving problems with fractions, decimals, comparing and ordering decimals, adding, and subtracting decimals.  There will be a test either Friday of this week or Monday of next week.

Very soon students will have completed stop motion first nations videos.  These have been filmed on the green screen, with a voice over script with lots of facts about the First Nation way of life.  This is a fairly big project and a first for Grade 4 students.

Students have nearly completed a revising unit in writing using the program, Teaching Structure and Style.

Lots of work is going on in the school with technology training of teachers, and the aquisition of new tech for next year.  We can be grateful for the support and leadership of Mr. Balletta and our PEC, knowing that the Grade 4 students will benefit in the coming years for the planning done now.

In case you haven't yet, please take the time to listen to the Grade 4 Earth Day podcasts.



Weekly Update: April 18-22

Dear Parents,

Students in Grade 4 continue to work on Fraction in a hands-on unit that has had students making fractions.  We have covered fractions, mixed numbers, improper fractions, and equivalent fractions.  This week we are bringing all these concepts together, and there will be a small quiz on Friday.  Next week we will be moving onto decimals.   In science we will have an open book quiz on Tuesday covering "Matter and Energy".   This quiz will have students applying their understanding of energy converters, forms of energy, atoms and molecules, and states of matter as they move between some different stations.  Later this term Mr. Pepe and I will teach an integrated science and music unit having students make their own instruments using found materials, and applying their knowledge of "energy transformations".

Thanks to all the parents who have got in permission forms for Fresh Grade. This will give parents a further way to see evidence of student learning, and for students to proudly show their work.  Please send in all forms if you have not already.  The permission form is found on the "Downloads" section of this page.

Thank you for your support.

Mr. P. Stocker

Students working on "Dragons" with Mrs. Bond and Mr. Stocker:

Happy Easter to All!

Holy Week Update:

Dear Parents,

This has been a busy couple of weeks since Spring Break, with lots of new things.  We have started the novel "Owls in the Family", which is a great Canadian classic.   Students have started a very hands-on fraction unit, and continued pulling all the pieces together in our Matter and Energy Unit.   Next week we will have an open-book test/assessment where students will demonstrate their knowlege of the unit.

Our school is moving ahead fast with new technology, assessment, and curriculum.   Today a notice was sent home to students giving permission for using online portfolios.  Here is part of the opening:


"Our Lady of Sorrows School is moving ahead with new and exciting advances in technology which integrate the new BC curriculum.   As part of this effort, intermediate grade are adopting an online portfolio and assessment platform called Fresh Grade.   This secure web-based communication system will allow parents to have a “window” into their student’s learning.   Projects, assignments, including individual and group work, will be posted through this platform." 


It is important that parent sign the permission form so that we can move ahead with the new technology.

Here is some further information:

Stay tuned for more information about this exciting initiative coming in the next week.

Grade 4 Stuart Little Comics:

Please check the photo gallery for the Grade 4 online comics.  This has been a large project where student have had to retell one scene from Stuart Little using the graphic novel genre.  

Weekly Update:  February 20-25th 2017

Dear Parents,

Lots of exciting things happening this week, with several large projects.   We will be completing our Stuart Little Comics this week, and script writing for our First Nation Documentaries.I hope everyone has had a chance to listen to episodes of the Grade 4 World Wide Radio.  All students have had a chance.  We will be continuing this new tradition until the end of the year.  Expect some really big Radio events around Earth Day which is April 22.

This is a regular spelling week.  We will be starting in a new stylistic writing unit.  This is a fantastic program that we have been using in the school for over 10 years.

Wednesday is anti-bullying day at OLS.  Students will come to school in bright colors.  In the morning we have a theatre producation, and in the afternoon at 2:00 there is an assembly which will feature the Drama Club.   

Grade 4 World Wide Radio Feb 18th Edition

This weeks edition features Shyaka, Adam, Isabella I.,Milan, Luka, and Katie.  Great work to all the Grade 4 podcasters who have all participated in the one and only Grade 4 World Wide Radio!

First Nation Research:

Great day today researching different First Nation Groups in preparation for our documentary projects:

Weekly Update for February 14-18th

This week is a "catchup" week for some students who missed the FSA exams at the scheduled times.  In addition the last "OLS World Wide Radio" group will be producing and recording.  This will mean all students will have had the opportunity to work on this project.   On the second time around we want to see more independence intitiative on their radio projects, now they all know the format.

Today we started a matter and energy observation booklet, which challenges students to apply their knowledge about changes of state, and the recently introduced forms of energy.   We continue to work on daily writing, and will be introducing a really great stylistic writing unit that help students to revise and put style in their writing.

On Friday we will be having a small multiplication fact quiz.   As I have told the students, I am interested in progress, and am tracking their progress and developement as they acquire some proficiency with their basic facts.

On Friday we will be working with different materials to make First Nation houses and small scenes.  These will be filmed with voice over narration and a small stop-motion segment.  Students are working hard on large research charts, and eventually scripts for the project.

Lastly, I have told the class I am very proud of their effort in the Provincial FSA tests.  This was a true learning experience for the class.

Cheers,  Mr. Stocker

Weekly Update January 30, 2017

Dear parents of Grade 4 students.   In class this week we will be completing many of the in-class FSA exams.   As I have mentioned this is a six part provincial assessment involving reading, writing and math problem solving.  I present these exams as an awesome Grade 4 challenge.  The class is well prepared, and seem comfortable with the format.    The second online segment of the test has been rescheduled to Febrary 7th.  This will be the last of the FSA.

I hope parents have seen our first stop-motion "molecule" movies filmed and produced entirely by Grade 4 students.  We will be building on these skills on upcoming Social Studies video documentaries, so stay tuned on this page!

Given testing this week there is no spelling, but there will continue to be math practice homework.

Sincerely,  Mr. Stocker


Grade 4 World Wide Radio Broadcast:

 January 26,2017

This week’s podcast features Lorenzo and Siena interviewing Mr. Basso about an interesting fundraiser he participated in to help people in Haiti.  Natalia and  Christopher   give us news from around the school, and Archel and Mondo give us the weekend weather.



Molecule Movies Online:




Weekly Update:  January 22, and Exciting Technology in Grade 4

Our Grade 4 "OLS World Wide Radio" has been a great success.  Make sure you listen to our previous installments. As well as the podcasting, we started our first project with stop motion videos. The complete set of molecule movies will be ready by the end of the week.  Students have worked hard at the filming station, then proceeded to the production station where they put titles and captions on their videos.  More groups will be finishing videos this week.   Our next big project will incorporate the green screen.

This week we continue to prepare for the provincial FSA exams which will be administered starting this week. As mentioned in a previous post, the exams have 6 components, two of which are taken online in the computer lab.  We will be taking the online reading Wednesday January 25th in the morning, and the online math February 1st also in the morning. Please ensure your child is present on these days.  The fours have been preparing for some time, and are ready.  Students needing assistance will have the same support as they have in class.   The important thing is that students in Grade 4 have a positive experience with this special Grade 4 challenge.  In past years we have been proud of how students have worked hard and really shown the best of what they can do. These tests have truly been a learning experience. 

Please contact me if you have any questions.  

Grade 4 OLS World Wide Radio

This weeks episode features:  Nikolina, Sophia, Amadeo, Ernesto, Sofia S., and Paul.  Our special guest is Mrs. Bond who will tell us about the annual Spelling Bee.

Please listen to our previous episodes on our OLS World Wide Radio page.

Update January 11th


Dear parents,

This is our first full week back to school with lots of hard work and exciting activities.  This week we are practicing the reading response questions for the upcoming FSA tests which will be administered in late January and early February.   Students are also completing a small unit on data analysis, and launching into a new unit on Matter and Energy.

The provincial FSA exams are a 6 part examination of reading, writing, and math problem solving (numeracy).  They are given to all Grade 4 and Grade 7 students every year at this time.  The content of the tests are Grade 4 (and earlier) curriculum.  Our math program in Grade 4 has a strong problem-solving component, and students have completed 3 problem solving units using different strategies.  In next few weeks we will be preparing the students with practice FSA questions and reviewing some common things that may have not yet been covered in Grade 4.  The goal of the preparation I give is that students are comfortable and confident with the challenge these tests provide.  This also includes confidence with the online parts of the test.   Practice test links are posted in the online resources section of this page.

So while this is a heavy time of year,  I try to balance it out with some exciting projects.  This week we will be making stop motion videos of “states of matter” which will be filmed on our class green screen.  Stay tuned on this site for the class movies.

Once again I want to thank you for the kindness and support.  Students should be reading at home every night, and when possible, even daily, practicing keyboarding at home.  I have posted a page of links for typing programs in the online resources.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

 Sincerely,  Mr. P Stocker


Update: January 6th

This week with the wild weather and tired students, we started back into classes full tilt.   January is a time of hard work and interesting activities,  We have started a new science unit, Matter and Energy.   Today we made molecules that were hung from our classroom clothesline.  Stay tuned for a photo gallery with students and finished molecules!  We finished Stuart Little and will soon be finishing our comic pages which illustrate a scene from the novel. 

Grade 4 class is working hard on writing, math skills (9 times tables this week), and a data analysis unit that has students reading graphs and charts and making bar graphs.

Take a moment to hear the second installment of the OLS World Wide Radio podcast.  Please see the link on the left.

Mr. Stocker

***  Please ensure that your child has warm outdoor clothing for Wednesday and Thursday as we will be walking to and from Notre Dame High School for rehearsals and the performances of our Christmas concert.

Dear Parents,

 This is the countdown to Christmas with plenty of excitement over the concert.Please read important information found on the school homepage.  Costume for Grade 4 consists of dark clothes, school pants for boys is fine.)


Grade 4 Radio Christmas Edition!

 All grade four students will be working hard to write, perform and e eventually produce weekly podcast radio shows.  the Christmas edition is found below. 

Stay tuned for our three part podcasts:  News from around the school, an environmental section with a short "Care of our Common Home" segment, and a weekend weather forecast. 

This edition features, Isabella S., Doris, Micah, Ben, Gabby, and Sofia A.  All students will produce radio segments on a rotating basis.





h1 cl



(Animal Adaptations Funny Video)

-Students identified structural and behavioral adaptations of these two enemies...

November 24th Update:

This has been a very busy time for teachers and for the class.  Parents will see a summary of all the things we have worked on, as well has recent writing, quizzes and other assignments that will be sent home this weekend. Report Cards are next week!

The Grade 4s are very proud of their new Podcasts:   Stuart Little First Impressions.




November 7 Update:

Dear parents,

As this is a short week, there will be no regular spelling homework.  We will be producing our podcasts of Stuart Little, and completing food chains and food webs in our ecology unit.  In math, we will be  finishing a math unit on large numbers, adding and subtracting, and estimating,  as well as finishing a key word strategy unit for word problems.

 Here are the big assessment pieces for the week:

 1.  Tuesday we will have the unit 2 test for religion.  Students can practice with the links online, as well as study from their religion books.   We have devoted almost 2 periods to practice and study of these three chapters.

 2.  In class, students will be completing final drafts of their halloween writing.

 3. We will have a math test:  addition, subtraction, and estimation, on Wednesday.  

4.  On Thursday, students will have a quiz on food chains and food webs.  A study guide will be sent home today.


Parents are welcome to attend our annual Remembrance Day service on Wednesday, November 9th at 10:45 in the gym.


Sincerely,  Mr. P. Stocker


November 1 Update:



Dear parents of Grade 4 students,

Happy Halloween!  Students in Grade 4 had a great day on Monday, with regular classes until the end of the day when we saw a video and some completed outstanding math and our neighbourhood maps.
This week we have a focus on completing a lunit on large numbers which includes writing, speaking and representing numbers to 10 000, rounding, estimating addition and subtraction, and comparing very large numbers.  In addition we are working on our key word strategy unit for adding subtracting, multiplication and division word and real life problems.
Stay tuned this week for our podcast, Stuart Little - First Impressions.   Students will give their reactions to the novel thus far.
The Grade Four class will once again be using the new class set of iPads for making a Library Title page.  Thanks to Mr. Balletta and the awesome fundraising we have at OLS that allows us to work with such great equipment.

Mr. Stocker

October 24th Update


Dear Parents,

This has been an eventful week in Grade 4.   We have finished our "Water Thoughts" video which  can  be seen at the end of this post.  Students were asked to make a personal response to the resource unit we have studied.  This has also been great practice in oral presentation and research skills during the unit.

We have continued a unit on adding, subtracting, and estimating. Students have had longer and more expanded descriptive writing assignments.  Students continue to be interested in the local ecosystem, and the relationships of plants and animals in our area. Along with our water resource unti, this has been a great start to learning our year theme, Care for Our Common Home.  

In the next week we will be practicing scripts for our Stuart Little podcast.  Stay tuned!



Update:  October 17th


Dear Parents, 

This has been an extraordinary start to the new school year with some new curriculum changes and enhanced technology being rolled out in classes and in the school.  We are grateful for the fantastic facilities at OLS!!

Here are some of the things we have been working on.  Last week we started to plan a web log or VLOG of our enquiry and research unit on water.  Students have learned how lucky they are to have fresh clean water in abundance, compared to poorer countries.   Out or their research and discussion they are recording a small segment each of "Water Thoughts", which is thoughts and feelings related to what they have learned in the unit.  This will be available to view online view within the next week.

Another great project we have started is a podcast called "Stuart Little First Impressions" based on their response to the first five chapters of the novel.  This will also be available for viewing and listening within the week.  

I will be sending the test and assignment duotang home on Thursday.   Please take some time to look at your student's work.





Weekly Update: September 12-17, 2016



* Students to run in cross country meet Friday, so have gym strips at school!

Dear parents, 

We have just completed the first week of school.  It was a fantastic week getting to know the students, and easing into work.   Some of the beginning of the year things we have started is telling time and starting elapsed time,  Learning about insects with their adaptations and interesting body parts, and a resource unit on water.  We also made a classroom agreement and agreed that we were all going to "work hard and have fun" this year.  

On Tuesday September 13th we will be making a walking field trip to the Hastings Park pond. We will be leaving at 9:00 and returning at 12:00.  Please sign the consent form and the boys soccer consent for those boys participating. 

The Grade 4 spelling program begins on Monday.  A wordlist will be sent home on Monday, with a practice test for Unit 1 on the Grade 4 spelling page.

This is the start of many weekly updates for grade 4.   If you wish to contact me please phone me a school or email me at (pgstocker at

Sincerely Mr. P. Stocker

PS   We are practicing telling time to the minute every day.  Students will have a small quiz on Friday on telling time.



September 6, 2016

Dear Parents of Grade Four Students, 

Welcome back to OLS School!  It is my pleasure to teach your children this year.   This is a year of many exciting changes with the new curriculum, and new technology which make teaching and learning exciting.

Learning to Fly:

Grade Four is a year full of exciting challenges and new experiences.   My hope and prayer is that at the end of the year all of us will look back on this grade year and see students who are stronger in their skills, more independent in their work habits, and demonstrate understanding and compassion for others.


In addition to Mr. Stocker, students have Mr. Pepe for music, Mr. McCloskey for PE,  Mrs. Bond for Library (research and reading skills), and Mr. Baso  for Resource and to assist with math and writing. Our assistants this year are Mrs. Perna and Miss Longo.

Weekly Updates:

Come to this web page to find weekly updates about the Grade 4 class.   These updates don't contain a comprehensive list of homework assignments, but will contain upcoming tests, projects, and special events.


Gym Days:

Students will have gym on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday.


Home Reading:

Encourage your son or daughter to read books of his or her own choice on a daily basis. This time should be minimum 15 minutes, hopefully thirty minutes per day.  I will send home some indications if your son/daughter could spend some time reading aloud.


Spelling and vocabulary activities and tests are on-going throughout the year.  Students will complete aproximately 20 units of spelling during the year.   Spelling or vocabulary tests are Friday of most weeks.   Using the Grade 4 spelling web page,  students will be able to take a practice test any day of the week.

Homework and Agendas:

All students should have agendas signed by their teacher and a parent every day. I expect students to be very responsible with their agendas.

Students failing to finish homework will have to stay in the school during outside breaks.  The following is a rough pattern for homework:  on Monday a Spelling Booklet will be assigned to be completed by Wednesday.   Every day except Friday there will be some math homework, and sometimes writing or other assignments.  

Health Concerns:

There are several students in Grade 4 and different grades that have severe even deadly reactions to small amounts of nuts.  Please no nuts and no nutella.


 Please ensure your child’s uniform is labeled with his or her name.  The front of the student agenda has the uniform policy. 

Web Site(s):

The OLS web site continues to grow as teachers continue to post, blog, and upload.  In Grade 4 you will find extensive links to curriculum, videos, and worksheet downloads on the various pages.   


Computer Training in Grade 4

The Grade 4 class is full of the latest technology, integrating smart board technology with Airplay, and iPads, for student use.  My goal is t o train the class in the basics of using this technology so they can be Tech leaders in the future.  

I can be contacted by email, and I will send this information home with your child.   I find communication by email is extremely efficient for most concerns or questions.   I will provide an email sign-up sheet at the parent teacher night.   


Once again, thanks for all your support.




Sincerely,   Mr. P.  Stocker