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Many Uses of Deer by Native Americans

antler used as flaker to make a sharp edge on stone projectile points (arrowheads)

bladder canteen, waterproof container

bones buttons, awls (needles), dice for games, hoes and shovels, used as a flaker, hip and pelvis bones were used as serving dishes

brains used to cure skin

deer hide used as a trade good with the English, entire hide used as camouflage when hunting deer

eyeballs liquid used as a paint additive

hair lining for moccasins, stuffing for balls

hooves used as rattles, boiled to make glue

meat basic food; tongue was a delicacy, organs were eaten

rawhide leggings; cloaks; moccasins; pouches to carry tobacco, pipe, spear points, etc.; ground covers; quiver for arrows; a necklace made of deer skin was believed to prevent whooping cough; covering for a drum; ball

sinew lash supports for wigwams, drawstring for pouches, sewing, to fasten stone tools to wooden handles, bowstring, string for wampum

Source: Taken from: "A Comparison of the Native American and European's Use of Resources in Early Maryland," a lesson plan developed by Deidre Austen, July 1993, for the Maryland Historical Society's summer institute.






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