Gr 4

Multiplication Fact Study Pages

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Learning multiplication facts is an ongoing process in Grade 4.  Here are some things that could help:

1.  Here is a Practice Pretest.  See what you need to learn!


Multiplication Test



2. Practice the hard ones and know which ones!

  • if you know 1,2,5,9,and 10 times tables then you only need to learn 12 more facts!  
  • nine tables can be learned using the ‘9’s’ trick with fingers:




The remaining times tables are:  


 3X6    3X7   3X8   4X6   4X7  4X8   6X6      6X7      6X8    7X7    7X8   8X8  



Practice Online:

Multiplication – Times Tables    

Tabletrees – Teach the Multiplication Facts – Times Tables

Multiplication Hidden Picture

Times Tables Games


Batter’s Up Baseball Math Game (Multiplication)

Mad Math Minutes

Math Magician 

Math Games

Target Exactly What You Need with the No Frills Speed and Accuracy Drills:

3 Times Tables

4 times tables

5 times tables

6 times tables

7 times tables

8 times tables

9 times tables

10 times tables

11 times tables

12 times tables

Make Flashcards Using this Resource: