School Downloads

September 2017
School Parking and Driving Safety
September 2017 Calendar

June 2017
Stem Camp
Tentative Timeline 2017-2018
September 2017 Tentative

May 2017
Community Day at Playland
OLS 90th Anniversary
OLS Clothing Drive

April 2017
May 2017 Calendar
Independent Schools Fact Sheet
Expectations for Members of CISVA Education Committees
Nomination Form
Provincial Election Information

February 2017
March Calendar
Extreme Weather Snow Weather Procedures
Our Lady of Sorrows Gala Save the Date

January 2017
Family Day Community Skate

December 2016
January 2017 Calendar

November 2016
December 2016 Calendar
Parent Teacher Conference

October 2016
Volunteer Driver Form
October 2016 Calandar
OLS Halloween Bash

September 2016
Head Lice Information
Lasermaster form
2016 Gr 6 Hot Lunch Order Form
2016 Hot Lunch Forms
Italian Lessons
Cross Country Program
September 2016 Calendar

June 2016
2016-17 Tentative Timeline
June 2016 Calendar

April 2016
May 2016 Calendar

February 2016
Income Tax Receipts 2015 Request Form
February 2016 Calendar

December 2015
January 2016 Calendar
Kindergarten 2016 Sibling ONLY Application Form
December 2015 Calendar

November 2015
OLS Grade 7 Christmas Fundraiser

October 2015
OLS Sweat Pants-Sweatshirt-Crew Neck Order Form

September 2015
After School Club Form
Safety Drop-off/Pick-up Procedures for Parents
Tentative Time Line 2015-2016

May 2015
CISVA Education Committees Nomination Form

January 2015
OLS Gala Donation Letter

October 2014
Special Student Drop-off/Pick-up Appeal and Enforcement Action!
School Policy

September 2014
After School Club Form

October 2013
Absentee Notice

November 2011
Uniform Regulations

August 2011
Participation Job Descriptions