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Update: October 15, 2017

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Dear Parents of Grade 4 students,

We are right in the midst of many different projects, including preparation for the Provincial FSA exams.  For the first time, and in order to reflect the new curriculum, students in Grade 4 and 7 are writing a redesigned FSA in October and early November.  There are some things to note:

-the FSA exam is a snapshot of student work in numeracy, reading and writing comprising of 6 tests, 2 of which are taken online

-the FSA is not used to calculate grades, but consists of provincial curriculum items

-the FSA is mainly intended for school and ministry use, and was never intended to rank students or schools

The Grade 4 class are encouraged to work hard and try their best.  Students needing support are entitled to the same level of support they have in the class.  The staff in Grade 4 are working hard to make this a challenge, rather than stressful experience.

Beyond FSA tests, there are some pretty exciting things students will be doing.  We are launching the Grade 4 World Wide Radio with novel podcasts.  Most or all will be online this week available on the Grade 4 World Wide Radio page.

In math and reading we are preparing students for the FSA tests, especially the format.   Stay tuned for some science online projects as well as field trip to be announced in the coming week.



Mr. Stocker