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Weekly Update February 12-16

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Dear Parents of Grade 4 Students,

This is another short week at school.  I hope everyone had a nice break over the long weekend.  We have completed some interesting media projects in Grade 4:  molecule movies, and two editions of the “Grade 4 World Wide Radio” weekly edition podcasts.  Every student in Grade 4 will have a chance to research, prepare, and record these podcasts.   When all students have completed a weekly podcast, we will be working on special edition “Earth Day” podcasts to be online in late April. Please take the time to view and listen to these projects.

This week in Grade 4 there will be regular spelling, a continuation of our novel study, “Owls in the Family”.   In science, we will have review of science concepts, in advance of a quiz on Friday.  These concepts are:

Atoms, molecules, states of matter (solids, liquids, and gases), changes of state (condensation, evaporation, sublimation, melting, freezing or solidification), the water cycle and the main cloud types.   A study guide will be sent home early this week.


  • Tuesday is RED Day; please bring $3.00 for a heart pin to support the children’s hospital. Please send Valentine treats Tuesday if you are planning to send them, as Wednesday is Ash Wednesday
  • On Wednesday there is a special Ash Wednesday Mass.  It is always great to see parents and Grandparents at these special masses.

Please contact me using the “CONTACT ME” link at the top of the page.

Mr. P. Stocker