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Weekly Update for January 8-12th

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Dear Parents of Grade 4 Students,

Happy New Year to everyone!   This week has lots of new topics and subjects with new challenges for Grade 4 students.  Here is a summary:

  • A new Social Studies unit:   Land, People, and Identity.  This is a deeper look at First Nation Culture using the excellent resource, First Peoples and European Contact.  This resource provides a fair and well researched look at First Nation Cultures and the impacts of contact with Europeans.
  • In Science we are starting a matter and energy unit.  We will be studying atoms, molecules, states of matter, changes of state, forms of energy, and conservation of energy.
  • In math we continue with multiplication and division.
  • In Language Arts, we are spending some time on the Guided Independent Reading program before launching into the novel, Owls in the Family. The Guided Independent Reading kit has proven useful in increasing reading fluency with Grade 4 classes.
  • Students have been very enthusiastic in completing chapter books for the Grade 4 Winter Reading Program.  The assignment was to complete two chapter books with a book report before the end of January.   I have taken the time to individually assign appropriate books to all Grade 4 students.   The first book report is due this week, if it has not already been handed in.  The second report is due before the end of January.
  • In writing, there will be more frequent assignments of different kinds, which will be planned in class, and completed at home.
  • In Applied Skills and Technology we will be launching into some exciting things this term:   stop motion molecule movies, social studies movies, story board writing in the comic book genre using Comic Life, and radio podcasts for the Grade 4 World Wide Radio.

There is a school Mass on Friday January 12th at 9:00.

Please stay in touch with any questions or concerns.  A link to my email is to be found at the top of the Grade 4 web page.

Sincerely,  Mr. P. Stocker