Gr 4

Weekly Update May 22-26, 2018

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(Picture:  Grade 4 DPA time outside)

Dear Parents of Grade 4 Students,

I hope everyone had a wonderful May long weekend.  This is another short week with a track meet on Wednesday afternoon.  Here are some things we will be working on:

-in science, a review of forms of energy and a quiz on Friday.  Students have a large mind map study sheet that they can study from.  The quiz will have students identify the 10 forms of energy, and understand energy transformations:

Energy is defined as the ability to do work, to make things happen, to move things and to cause changes.

The Ten Forms of Energy:

Light Energy, Sound Energy, Thermal Energy (heat), Nuclear Energy, Elastic Energy, Magnetic Energy, Kinetic Energy (movement), Gravitational Energy, Electrical Energy, and Chemical Energy

-in Math we will finish our Area and Perimeter unit with a quiz when students are ready, most likely Friday.

-We continue with our novel, Stone Fox, and our Social Studies documentary movies.

In this last push forward we will be starting our online portfolios based on Core Competencies, and work posted in Showbie.   Please take the time to view different projects and assigments posted in Showbie.

Sincerely,  Mr. P. Stocker