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Welcome Back!

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September 6, 2017

Dear Parents of Grade Four Students,

Welcome back to OLS School! It is my pleasure to teach your children this year. This is a year of many exciting changes with the new curriculum, and new technology which make teaching and learning exciting.

Learning to Fly:

Grade Four is a year full of exciting challenges and new experiences. My hope and prayer is that at the end of the year all of us will look back on this grade year and see students who are stronger in their skills, more independent in their work habits, and demonstrate understanding and compassion for others.


In addition to Mr. Stocker, students have Mr. Pepe for music, Mr. McCloskey for PE, Mrs. Bond for Library (research and reading skills), and Mr. Basso for Resource and to assist with math and writing. Our assistants this year are Mrs. Sacco, Mrs. Longo andMiss Longo.

Class Updates:

Come to this web page to find weekly or bimonthly updates about the Grade 4 class. These updates don’t contain a comprehensive list of homework assignments, but will contain upcoming tests, projects, and special events.  Please also take some time to view photos of class activities, as well as movies and podcasts made by Grade 4 Students

Gym Days:

Students will have gym  Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.  Grade 4 students have some form of exercise (DPA) Monday and Tuesday.

Home Reading:

Encourage your son or daughter to read books of his or her own choice on a daily basis. This time should be minimum 15 minutes, hopefully thirty minutes per day. I will send home some indications if your son/daughter could spend some time reading aloud.


Spelling and vocabulary activities and tests are on-going throughout the year. Students will complete aproximately 20 units of spelling during the year. Spelling or vocabulary tests are Friday of most weeks. Using the Grade 4 spelling web page, students will be able to take a practice test any day of the week.  Assigned spelling exercises are due on Wednesday.

Homework and Agendas:

All students should have agendas signed by their teacher and a parent every day. I expect students to be very responsible with their agendas.

Students failing to finish homework will have to stay in the school during outside breaks. The following is a rough pattern for homework: on Monday a Spelling Booklet will be assigned to be completed by Wednesday. Every day except Friday there will be some math homework, and sometimes writing or other assignments.

Health Concerns:

There are several students in the school that have severe  reactions to small amounts of nuts. Please no nuts and no nutella.


Please ensure your child’s uniform is labeled with his or her name. The front of the student agenda has the uniform policy.

Web Site(s):

The OLS staff hopes parents enjoy the new refurbished web site! The site continues to grow as teachers continue to post, blog, and upload. In Grade 4 you will find many links to curriculum, and videos on the various pages.

Computer Training in Grade 4

The Grade 4 class is full of the latest technology, integrating smart board technology with Airplay, and iPads, for student use. My goal is to train the class in the basics of using this technology so they can be Tech leaders in the future.

I can be contacted by email, and I will send this information home with your child. I find communication by email is extremely efficient for most concerns or questions. I will provide an email sign-up sheet at the parent teacher night.

Once again, thanks for all your support.

Sincerely, Mr. P. Stocker