Our mini theme this week has been Apples! We have been learning about different kinds of apples: Red Delicious, Granny Smith and Yellow Delicious. These are the center activities we completed this week.


Math: Number Recognition and Counting

Use the apple stickers provided to put the correct number of apples in the tree on each page. (Ex: if the number is 6, put 6 stickers in the tree). Once all the pages are done, the front cover can be coloured.

Language Arts: Letter A

Trace the Uppercase and Lowercase A. Cut out the pictures that start with A and glue them on the paper around the uppercase and lowercase A. Colour the pictures when you are finished.

Art: Colour, Cut and Glue

Colour the stem brown, the leaf green and the apple red, green or yellow. Then cut out all 3 parts and glue them down on the black paper. Dab the apple with red, yellow and green paint or colour.

Fine Motor: Concentration and the pincer grip

Use the push pin to poke small holes through all the black lines – letter Aa, the word ‘apple’ and the picture of the apple. Colour the apple.


We have been learning about the Uppercase and Lowercase letters of the alphabet this week. Every letter has a ‘Mama’ Letter (uppercase) and a ‘Baby’ Letter (lowercase).

Alphabet Letter Match: Matching Uppercase and Lowercase Letters

Cut out the lowercase letters and match them to the uppercase letter on the worksheet. Glue them down in the squares and colour when you are finished.


This week’s Math lessons are focused on patterns and since we are exploring apples, we have been making apple patterns. A Pattern is something that REPEATS itself. There can be different types of patterns: number, shape, colour or object. For example, 1 2 1 2 1 2 1 2 or A B A B A B or green red yellow green red yellow or apple pie jar apple pie jar.

Apple Patterns I and II: Pattern Practice

  1. Complete Apple Patterns II FIRST. Cut out the pictures on the bottom of the worksheet and glue them down to finish the 4 patterns.
  2. Apple Patterns I – Use the colour code on the top right to colour the apple pattern. The first one is AB so the apples would be green/yellow/green/yellow/green/yellow.


Our Science unit began with learning about Autumn. We discussed how the leaves change colour and fall off the trees during the Autumn season. We then began to look at the   parts of an apple and the life cycle of an apple.

  1. On the Autumn page, colour some leaves (red, green, brown and yellow). At the bottom it says ‘In the autumn I see… Please write the word ‘leaves’.
  2. Parts of An Apple: Follow the instructions on the bottom and colour the parts of the apple accordingly.
  3. Life Cycle of An Apple: Cut out the 5 pictures on the bottom of the page and glue them in the boxes in this order –




Apple Tree

Apple Pie

  1. Let’s Find Out: Little Green Apple – Read through this handout to learn more about apples!


In Religion, we learned that the Bible is a holy book that tells stories of the wonderful things that God has done. We listened to a story from the Bible: ‘Jonah and the Whale’ and completed the pages in the Student Book for Chapter 3.


We had fun working with Ipads. We completed an activity on Fall by using the drawing tools to make a Fall picture. 


We used some of the apples that we brought in to make apple sauce. Next week we will try to make apple tarts.


And looking forward to next week beginning our Letter of the Week Tt and our mini theme will be Thanksgiving!