Gr 1


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Throughout the school we follow a conflict resolution procedure which follows:

1.  Calm down (deep breathing, counting, walking away, meditation, go to the teacher, etc.)

2.  State your feelings  (I feel mad when……………..;  I feel sad when……………………; etc.)

3.  Listen to the other person (no interruptions)

4.  Take responsibility for your share of the problem (very difficult to do but try to think of what you might have done, said, body language, etc.)

5.  Decide on a win-win solution (consensus, both give ideas, everyone is happy, fair)

6.  Friendly ending–apologize and forgive


Solving problems is never easy but is an essential skill in making and keeping good friends and showing respect for others.

The whole school uses these six steps to conflict resolution and hopefully we all benefit from learning how to respectfully approach problems in a calm and positive manner.

If necessary, the grade one class will have small group lessons to learn and practice these steps.

Thank you for your continued support!