Information From Mr. Balletta and Holy Week Mass Schedule

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April 4, 2020


Dear Parents,

We have completed our first week back from Spring Break! First, I wish to thank all of you who are responding to our emails and replying to teachers, the office, or completing the forms that are being emailed to you. It is critical to stay up to date with all the information being sent to you. At present there are still 10% of our families not signed up for electronic notices or not signing into Seesaw with the grade teachers.

We will reach out to those families next week. If you haven’t done so already, please contact the teachers or the office if there are any issues with the electronic communications.

  • Grades K-4 are using See-Saw and will be enhanced with more direction from the classroom teachers
  • Grade 5-7 are already using Google Classroom
  • Also, Video feeds will be available soon as we are working with our Technology Team (Classmates) as well as our webpage programmers to have a variety of both synchronous (online and immediate feedback) and asynchronous (offline and flexible individual learning) happening for our students.

**We remind all parents and teachers as videos become available next week in Seesaw or in Google Classrooms, especially those from PE, Music, or from the classroom’s teachers, that these videos are for the Private Use of our Students and OLS families ONLY!

We are strongly recommending that these videos NOT be shared outside their intended audiences, (OLS Students and Parents) without written approval by the Principal as any retransmission or unauthorized sharing will result in the student and family accounts being suspended.

Our entire OLS staff has worked tirelessly this week to ensure all learning has started, and that all students and parents have clear directions for home and for on-line learning assignments until Easter.

Thank you to all parents who picked up the materials last Wednesday and made every effort to stay safe and socially distant throughout this process. I wish to thank my office staff and many of the Education Assistants for helping to prepare the materials!

Please Note: We are accepting any unreturned Registration Packages from last week, this Wednesday April 8th between the hours of 8:30 am and 10:30 am.  And again from 3:30 to 5 pm. Cash Payments will also be accepted during this time by emailing the office office@myolosschool.com prior to your arrival or by calling the office 604-253-2434 when you wish to have the secretaries present to collect the cash.

There will be a box inside the BACK DOOR of the school and parents can drive into the lot and deposit the registration packages in the box while staying back at least 6 ft from anyone who is in-line.

This week we will be directing some contact to students by the Learning Support Aides, however we will need some time later after Easter weekend to create regular contacts schedules.

I wish to thank my teaching staff who have made themselves available to each of their students and whom have shown such caring and concern with the well-being of all our individual students and families.

As a final request we are sending you the schedules for Holy Week as Father Richard and his staff have also worked tirelessly to ensure that our Spiritual Needs are also being met during this Pandemic. As many of you have started new routines with your children, walks, baking, games, movie nights, we are also asking for you to share a new routine of MASS and Prayer with your children at home as well. Please visit www.olos.ca for live stream Masses and messages from our wonderful and very video friendly Pastor, Father Richard. Also, take the time to sign up for the Parish YouTube channel, as once we get 1000 subscribers you can re-watch any of the previous Masses and special prayers at your most convenient times! We also have the link on the top bar of our web page www.ourladyofsorrows.ca that will take you to them direct

Again, we may need to be apart physically at this time, but we can still stay connected as a community!

Join our Parish Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/ourladyofsorrowsvancouver/
or on Instagram @OLSEagles

There will be a weekly e- letter update sent to you as well as posted on our website as we continue our journey through this new learning and work reality. So, until next week, May God keep you all safe!


P. Balletta