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April 10, 2020


Dear Parents,

We have completed our second week back from Spring Break and all grade teachers have dealt with the assigning materials, the personal requests for devices, assistance with the logins and other concerns. I wish to thank our Amazing staff for making this all possible so quickly and with dealing with all the individual needs of every student and family.

This week we will be trying to calm some of anxiety around this new form of “school” for both students, parents. Our staff meets often and reflects weekly to discuss how this on-line form of learning is working. We will be offering you some answers to commonly asked questions. 

A.  Be open to a new way of learning and new routines:

  • It is not expected that students replicate the 6-hour School Day at home! All learning situations for students and families are different. Be Patient! Some grades are less on-line and have more paper materials (K-4), and as you progress into intermediate grades (5-7) the on-line time increases. 
  • The recommended school time (including on- line) time is:
    1.  5 to 7 hours per week for Primary.        MAXIMUM 10 hours
    2. 10-15 hours per week for Intermediate   MAXIMUM 20 hours
    3. Teachers are trying to use their on-line time or share of videos to help create a visual classroom experience; however, this varies by grade and will be up to each classroom teacher to schedule.

**We remind all parents and teachers as more videos from Teachers EAs and Specialists like PE and Music become available next week in Seesaw or in Google Classrooms, that these videos are for the Private Use of our Students and OLS families ONLY! Please do not share to outside our school accounts or login privileges will be suspended. Student who will be getting Learning support next week on-line will be required to have a parent sign the guidelines forms that will be sent home on Tuesday.

There are many sites for unstructured learning as well if they get bored!

Useful Educational Links:

B.  Shape of the Day and Expectations:

  • As mentioned above, each family has different home support situations and younger children need more direct supervision. These times are dependent on when the Adults are home. Teachers are flexible with their schedules and have communicated their available on-line support times.  
  • Although teachers may send daily lessons to keep those students who are more available engaged, they DO Not expect that those assignments are handed in daily. Teachers are tapering expectations and will give students time each week to catch up or hand in earlier work.
  • Parents may find it difficult to explain the assignments to their children. Encourage your child(ren) to re- read and re-read again! until they create an opinion what they THINK they are to do. Guide them but DO NOT ANSWER for them as the learning is not as much about getting it Right as it is the process of learning. Kids will be harder to motivate later on if they rely on parents to do the work for them.
  • If there is still an impasse, then send a message through the appropriate communications given by each class.
  • PLEASE NOTE: Teachers will only be available during their school hours given. Many teachers are trying to accommodate the different schedules of parents and parents who start homework later have asked questions late into the evenings. This is a stressful time for teachers as well, and the cut-off for any replies will be 7: 30p.m daily. Any message sent after this time will not be replied to until the next day during their set available hours. Encourage your child to put it away and they can try again after the next day when all are re-freshened. Take a break instead of escalating the tensions or anxiety. It is ok not to complete the work daily as long as they try again when all are more relaxed and are able to think clearly.
  • Remember the teachers have worked tirelessly to ensure learning has continued and they are also prepping and supporting learning outside of their office times. Please respect that they also need time to break and refresh and are working much longer hours as well. Our amazing Educational Assistants are also working hard with the staff to help provide on-line and live classroom sessions and “how-to-videos”.

C.  Grading:

  • There will be no summative letter grades based on this term. This third term will be strictly formative (that is assessment is based on participation in and on-going learning of concepts), which includes the demonstration of, and the depth of that knowledge, as well as understanding throughout their new learning process. This will be clarified later in the TERM.

 D.  Focus on Physical and Emotional Healthy Living!

  • This is truly a unique time in our history and especially in Education. The familiar classroom learning is being transformed.
  • It can be scary, but it can also be a truly exciting and transformative experience for your children. 
  • The studies are showing the students are resilient and adapting to this new classroom, it’s the Adults who are more under stress than before. This is why we also need to use this time to be mindful of our physical and emotion heath.
  • Mr. McCloskey has shared useful exercise for home videos! You are welcome to do them as a family!
    1. Follow all Public Health Guidelines
    2. Start new and positive interactions with your children and family 
    3. Be forgiving that things are not as they were and be kind to yourself too,
    4. Take time to be off – line as well do things that relax and bring your joy 
    5. Rest, rejuvenate and try to relax we have beautiful weather try gardening outside, walking or just sitting in the sun. Social Distance of course.

Finally take care of your Spirit, and your soul. We are a Catholic Community. We are people of Hope and Faith, and God is with us, especially this Easter Weekend! Pray with your children as our parents and grandparents did with us. They experienced much harsher pandemics, wars and famines, immigrations, and troubles and still they passed on their faith to us. This is a great time for you to pass that faith on or share that with your children and as families.

We all need each other right now and our PARISH needs us! Share a MASS this weekend as a family. Visit the  www.olos.ca for live stream Masses and messages from our wonderful and very video friendly Pastor, Father Richard. Create a Facebook Share and a watch party and share your Easter messages especially for our Priests and Religious. We are their families. They need our hope and encouragement too! 

Today:  Good Friday 3.pm Today- Mass in English



Saturday: Easter Vigil: 9p.m. Holy Rosary Cathedral 


Easter Sunday: 11:30 am English and 1p.m. in Spanish



You can sign up for the Parish YouTube channel, as once we get 1000 subscribers you can re-watch any of the previous Masses and special prayers at your most convenient times! 

We also have the link on the top bar of our web page www.ourladyofsorrows.ca that will take you to them directly and to the Confession Schedules as well.

Again, we may need to be apart physically at this time, but we can still stay connected as a community!

Happy Easter to you and all your families!   


P. Balletta



Remember to stay up to date!

Useful Health Links: 

  • –  BC COVID-19 Symptom Self-Assessment Tool 
  • –  Community-based measures to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 
  • –  BC Centre for Disease Control – Information on COVID-19
  • –  HealthLink BC – Coronavirus disease (COVID-19)