Grade 2

Mrs. McKenna

The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.

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Week beginning Jan. 18th, 2021

Dear Parents,

Thank you for your ongoing support!

This week we will begin/continue working on:

*building “SUPER SENTENCES” and using descriptive words; application of these writing skills to winter stories

*high frequency words (please continue to practise the grade two words and to review the vocabulary at the back of your child’s reader)

*Reading and Phonics activities; please pre-read the stories at home with your child.

*Math Story Problems-students will be working through short story problems and applying the understanding of addition and subtraction processes. Please refer to the video posted on Seesaw for further modelling of the strategy being used.

*a study guide for the Water Cycle was sent home on Monday, Jan. 18th; the test will be given on Thursday, Jan. 21st. Furthermore, the students will need to explain the cycle with a model that they created.

*ADST-“Maker Space”-students will be led through planning, creating, evaluating, and presenting a self-created maker space project. Please refer to Mr. Stocker’s letter in seesaw.

*We will continue with the preparation for the Sacrament of Reconciliation. We have discussed how Jesus forgives all our sins when we are truly sorry. All prayers for this sacrament have been sent home with your child on Friday, Jan. 8th. These prayers are practised daily in class/ All students are expected to learn/memorize these prayers and have an understanding of this important sacrament.

Further information regarding a parent “zoom” meeting will be forthcoming.

We continue to pray for the health and safety of all families and an end to the pandemic. God bless us all!


Mrs. McKenna