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The school was solemnly blessed by His Grace Archbishop Timothy Casey on August 29th, 1926 and the school opened on September 7th of the same year with 92 students. In 1963 there were 385 children enrolled.

The Sisters of Charity of Halifax educated generations of children in Our Lady of Sorrows Parish, teaching in the school from 1927 onwards until they left the parish in 1982, and in Notre Dame Regional High School from its opening in 1953 onwards.

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At the beginning of the third millennium, all those involved in Catholic education are called to build communities of faith and holiness. In partnership with the family and the parish, the Catholic school participates in the saving mission of the Church. By evangelizing, catechesis and work of service, the Catholic school builds up both the family of faith and human community. The Catholic school provides religious and moral reference points to help students critically examine the culture around them and build society enlightened by the values of the Gospel: (excerpt from the CISVA website)