What a start to our new program this year!  Our programs continue this year with the exciting addition of robotics, a solid platform for coding, as well as some great makerspace additions.

Care For Our Common Home Weekly Videos

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The Grade 6 class has been researching and reporting on positive environmental stories.  These short clips were made in our ADST Media Arts program. Scroll through the playlist to see Grade 6 students reporting on a variety of environmental issues.

ADST continues at home!


What a start to our new program this year!  The slideshow on this page showcases some fabulous student work in ADST.  Now we are all at home, and the teachers are reaching out to all the students and families.   ADST has not been stopped by the pandemic.   In the next week I will be showcasing many of the home projects we have worked on.

ADST is Online!

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Dear parents and students,   ADST is online during this pandemic.  Grades K-5 have activities posted weekly in SeeSaw.

During Holy Week, I posted an optional activity:  Volcano Eggs  Here is a small gallery of this fun activity:

ADST request for materials

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Our library renovation has meant we have the space to create amazing learning opportunities for our students.  We are asking parents for the following used items they may no longer need:

  • K’nex (large or small kits or random pieces)
  • Lego (standard size – any pieces)
  • Older iPhone or android phones (with charger if possible -we can help unlock or erase data)
  •  C- clamps (various sizes)
  • Chopsticks unused or clean
  •  LED Christmas lights
  • Unused craft or scrap booking supplies
  • Various hand tools

Thanks for your support this last term. Please drop off any items to the office or library. If you have any questions,  Click here to email me 

You may also leave a question in the comments section below.

Sincerely Mr. P. Stocker

December 14, 2020

ADST Activities Slideshow

December 10, 2020

Grade 3 First Peoples Housing

Grade 3 students constructed models of First People’s housing, sharing their findings in a short video series.  Scroll through the playlist to see all six videos!

December 3, 2020

Grade 6 Social Issue Podcasts

This is a documentary series on social issues produced by the Grade 6 class.  Scroll through the playlist to view a variety of social issues.


  • Lego challenges – Grades K-2
  • building and designing challenges
  • wiring small houses with LED lights in a series circuit – Grade 6
  • tie dye t-shirts Grade 6
  • knitting – Grade 6
  • green screen movies of First Peoples’ housing – Grade 3
  • podcasts: social issues, basic needs, and environmental issues – Grades 3 and 6
  • fossil exploration and reports – Grade 5
  • claymation adaptation movies – Grade 7
  • center of the earth model – Grade 5
  • graphic design principles applied in posters. Grades 6 and 7
  • community workers movies -Grade 1
  • saint project documentaries – Grade 4
  • human joint models – Grade 5
  • plant and animal cell exploration with microscopes – Grade 7
  • local ecosystem dioramas – Grade 4
  • community mapping – Grade 1
  • Water documentaries – Grade 2
  • Sumerian technology challenge – Grade 7
“The desire to create is one of the deepest yearnings of the human soul.” — Dieter F. Uchtdorf