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 It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to the newly updated grade 4 room! There are many exciting activities planned for the grade 4 class this year. One of our class mottos is “Organization is the key to success”. Students will continue to develop the independent skills needed for the intermediate grades. We will focus on setting goals and self evaluating these goals. Agenda books, homework files and keeping books and supplies organized will be a major focus. Our second motto is “Like the Lorax, we will speak up for the environment”. The grade 4 class will continue to run the composting program at OLS and we hope to teach classes even more about what to recycle both at school and home.
Here’s a snapshot of what to expect in grade 4.



We will be celebrating the CISVA theme. We will be discussing how students can apply this to their daily lives. Students will also lead daily prayer.




Students will focus on how to write a solid paragraph as well as research information to write paragraphs. We will follow the writing process with various writing themes.


Students will take part in whole class novel studies as well as work on a guided reading program, a vocabulary program and a spelling program.


Our hands-on units cover Ecology, Matter, Forms of Energy and the Motions of the Earth and Sun. The grade 4 class runs the composting program at OLS and will continue to teach  classes on what to recycle both at school and at home.


Students work with hands on applied design projects such as dissecting owl pellets, ecology dioramas, group science challenges, robot programming, creating podcasts, and much more.


Our socials units will focus on an understanding of the First Nations Peoples lifestyles, pursuit of natural resources, and European contact.


Health and Career Education

In HCE, students will understand how personal choices and social and environmental factors influence our health and well being.

Self Evaluation of Core Competencies

Students will develop the ability to set goals and reflect on their learning as well as gain responsibility for their learning.


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