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December 30, 2021 – Delay of School Startup Information

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December 30, 2021


Dear Parents/Guardians,

Re: Phased restart of school based on recent Public Health Officer (PHO) announcement

Thank you for your continued patience as our schools review the information we received on December 29, 2021, from the Provincial Health Officer (PHO) and the Ministry of Education (MOE) regarding the return to school next week.

In accordance with the revised order from the PHO, schools will be open on Tuesday January 4th, 2022 for all staff members, children of teachers and other school staff, and children of health and health services workers if needed. This week is for essential care only. No new curriculum will be introduced until January 10th, Students may not be with their own grade teachers this week.

Schools will also be open to students with exceptional needs (students with I.E.P.s) starting on Wednesday, January 5, unless they are also children of essential workers. Please contact the office by Monday January 3rd or fill in the google form below if these categories apply to you.

All regular classes will resume on January 10th. There will be no drop off zones in the first week. (No Parent Participation will be needed during school hours until January 10th.) Parents whose children are attending the first week may park in the lot and drop off their children at the back door at 8:35 am. Students who attend the first week will be dismissed at 2:45p.m.

All extra- curricular activities (sports, and choirs) will be suspended during this time. 

All regular scheduled staff will be in school on Tuesday, January 4th, to prepare the school for the new safety measures.  This additional time afforded to schools next week is required to enhance the current COVID safety measures for a return to safe in-person learning. Also, it provides the opportunity for public health to learn more about the Omicron variant, ensuring the right measures are in place to keep everyone safe.

Please do not send children to school with any cold or flu like symptoms! All students and staff will be required to complete daily covid screening prior to entering the school.

Please note, the events originally scheduled for next week: 

  1. The Hot lunch, scheduled for January 7th will be added to the end of the next hot lunch.
  2. The Bags for the recycling will be collected in the lot at drop -off on Monday January 10th

*Please label the bags (masking tape with your child’s grade only), no names necessary! The grade who collects the most recyclables will win a class pizza lunch!


As many families are contemplating traveling to the US or internationally in the coming months, we wish to advise ALL families that all kids under 12, whether traveling with vaccinated, or unvaccinated adults, must stay away from school upon return for 14 days! These are Federal Government Regulations and any family who does not follow the Federal Travel Advisories and Restrictions may be reported and fined. Please notify the office via email if your child will be not attending school for 14 days post travel. Please see the links below:

We wish to thank our parents for continuing to follow 5 basic steps for COVID SAFETY and keeping each other safe! 

  1. Not attending school if ill (cough, colds, fever).
  2. Washing hands frequently.
  3. Wearing a mask indoors.
  4. Respecting everyone’s personal space and practicing safe distancing.
  5. Continuing to support each other by being kind and respecting each other’s needs for safety.

Again, on behalf of the staff, we wish you all a Safe and Happy New Year to you, and your families. If you have any questions, feel free to email: .We will keep you informed as more information becomes available.



Mr. P. Balletta