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By September 24, 2020No Comments

Dear Parents,

Tonight, Thursday, September 24th is our first mandatory parent and meet the teacher night. Your classroom teacher has sent out the zoom links through either your parent or the student communication. The meeting room will open at 6:45 p.m. and will include a visit from Father Richard, our PEC communication and myself, Mr. Balletta. Please be on time as we wish to end by 7:30 p.m. Teachers will be tracking their sign-ins to ensure all parents have signed in. If you do not have your zoom link please call the office before 3 p.m. today or send an email to your teacher.

Thank you!


Thank you to all our students, teachers, and parents who are doing an amazing job at keeping their classrooms safe. We have been receiving a few emails about our use of hand-sanitizers. We acknowledge parent’s preference for soap and water options due to personal concerns. Although our 70% alcohol sanitizers are completely safe and approved by our Ministry of Health and Education, we have reviewed the personal use of hand washing and sanitizing needs in balance with our environmental protections and will not ask students to use the sanitizers more than 3 times per day (entering the school, after bathroom use, or re-entering the class after recesses prior to touching food). Of course, soap and water are always an option and students have always had the choice if they wish to sanitize. We will no longer be sanitizing hands in gym class. The classroom teachers will have the ability to control the need for handwashing. We have been trying to increase our hand washing stations, unfortunately not all classrooms have water service. As we progress through flu season we are trying to not mix cohorts or overcrowd sinks.

We have been open and honest about our safety plans and we welcome proper parent feedback and discussion. We will NOT entertain any anonymous emails or conspiracy theories. COVID is a real threat to certain segments of the population. We absolutely respect people’s opinions and continue to balance the safety concerns in our daily classroom procedures with as much “regular school” as we can. However, we are licenced by the Province and must abide by all Provincial requirements or we do not receive funding PERIOD. Any parent who is opposed to these requirements does have the ability of educating their child from home. We at Our Lady of Sorrows, put the health and safety of ALL our students and staff, and especially those who are at high risk, FIRST.

We thank all our parents for your support. Honestly, our students and families have been amazing at adapting and keeping up with all the changes and WE Sincerely Thank You! Please continue to send and sign your emails so we can deal directly with your personal concerns. We understand that some of our procedures need to be adapted for some of our student’s health issues (allergies, sensitivities , etc.). We are happy to listen and offer choices if we can adapt to your child’s concerns. We are all part of this COVID Journey! We all know we are in uncertain times. Let us continue to act with kindness, while we try to keep our community safe, and with the blessing and calm of Jesus Christ!

May God continue to Bless you and your family!

Thank you

Mr. Balletta,