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Dear Parents,

Welcome back! We are excited to be back to school after such a great month of December activities. Again, I wish to thank you for your generosity for the many giving events at the school and parish. We look forward to our second term and continuing this odd, but eventful year of school during this year of COVID. Stay safe! As some families may have chosen to keep students home extra days this week to ensure safety of all, our teachers as usual will prepare any missed assignments to send home. There will always be time for catching up any missed assignments as it is always best to keep sick children at home. Thank you to all our families for exercising caution and not forcing them to come to school when ill or unable to function properly. Please notify the office of any absences (

Thank you to all our families who helped to get us through to Christmas break without any exposures. We are grateful for your abundance of caution, and especially for following all safety protocols. We have taken this break to do a another deep clean of the school and restock our safety supplies as our new goal is to continue to stay safe until March and Spring break. Your diligence of keeping sick children at home has made the greatest impact of keeping all our staff, students and families safe.

Please continue to follow all Public Health guidelines (, notices on the Vancouver Coastal Health website (, and review the daily screening checklist (also found on OLS’s website) and NOT send kids to school ill. Also, continue to follow the return to school procedures found in OLS’s Newsletter-Reminders-2020-2021 for additional school information.

Also, we are looking for any interested parent who would be able to do the midday wipe downs of common areas as our last person is no longer available. If any parent wishes to do their hours M-F 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. daily, we will also compensate them for their extra time above their hours. Please contact the office if you or someone you know is available.

You may have noticed already our white tent, which has been up since Christmas to help serve the Parish Communion requests after the on-line Masses. Therefore, there has been a slight modification to the drop-off/pickup areas.

The morning drop-off zone has been extended through the tent so cars may move all the way forward to the stop sign under the dry area to drop-off. We ask that you do not leave your cars while dropping-off students as it backs up the drop-off zone. Students may still be dropped-off from their passenger sides along any of the cones closest to the school, and when safe, parents may pass on the left of the tent to exit. Please be cautious as there maybe students getting their bags from their cars as you pass the tented area and please alternate cars when exiting two at a time.

Pickup is basically the same except for the parking spaces blocked off right in front of the tent. The exits are still by the same rows, except the first row will drive through the tent to exit and the second row of cars will leave through the second driveway as per usual.

Again, please be patient and cautious when leaving and please stay at your cars or the coned areas while wearing your masks.

Thank you to our very generous volunteers who work weekly to keep our students safe in the drop-off and pickup areas!

Vancouver Coastal Health has partnered with a number of community pharmacists to provide a resource for families to access school age target grade immunizations. Please see the letter from the Medical Health Officer detailing this resource.

Due to the drop in numbers requesting daily after school care we will no longer be offering After School Club on Thursdays or Fridays after school. We will continue to offer After School Club on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays from 3:00 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. The cost of the program will remain the same. Please email the school if you need any more information.


Thursday, January 7th Teriyaki Rice Bowl
Friday, January 15th (Gr. 7 Fundraiser) Hamburger
Thursday, January 21st Pizza
Friday, January 29th (Gr. 7 Fundraiser) Burek Stuffed Pastry
Thursday, February 4th Wrap

Please note, as the weather is starting to get cold and rainy, we are asking parents to ensure students have proper jackets and shoes. As well, please do NOT send students who have gym in the morning only with a PE strip! Also, students may have to be outside throughout the day for recess or movement between the buildings (gym and Church). Please send jackets with hoods for your children to school daily, as well as ensuring proper uniform. Thank you.

As the news of COVID numbers increases every day, all we can do is our part to stay safe. It is critical to remember to continue to wash your masks daily!

Please visit our Parish Website: for the live Masses and updates. In this incredibly difficult time for many of us, our Parish, Father Richard, Father Testamar, and our Religious Sisters, do a wonderful job of providing us with hope and remind us that we are not alone; Jesus is with us. Masses as a family are a wonderful way to keep connected as a family and watch and pray together virtually.

Please see OLS’s Newsletter-Reminders-2020-2021 for additional school information.