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Dear Parents,

Most everyone is back at work and back at school. Here are some updates:

We are currently working on a small legends unit and will be writing a modern legend this week. Student will create their final project in the Book Creator application.
Students will bring to school this week by Friday, different materials such as twigs, straw, leaves, moss or other natural objects to use for a 3d art book cover for the legend.

This week is the official “8”s week where we will work on the 8 times tables. They will have a small quiz next week. Tuesday of this week they will have a times tables “checkup” quiz. It is very important to remember that students are graded on improvement on these basic multiplication facts, not only achievement.

We are starting a unit on “matter and energy” which will have lots of interesting activities and cover basic chemistry and physics concepts in a fun and hands-on way.

Students will have a larger homework package sent home and due Thursday morning.  This will include spelling and at least one writing assignment to be completed independently.  Please ensure that agendas are signed at home Monday through Thursday. (Catch-up or late work may be assigned on the weekends.

Yours truly,

Mr. P. Stocker