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Dear Parents,


There has been a lot of activity in Grade 4 these past few weeks. During track meet days, students have worked on research and small presentations (to whole class) on safety topics: internet safety, healthy living, and home safety related to natural gas.

Those away in track (a substantial number!) have benefitted.

In Social Studies, we are preparing a large class movie on the topic of Our First Nations: a History of Conflict and Cooperation. The small videos made by Grade 4 students show different perspectives about our relationship with First Nations, past and present.

In math, we have completed a large unit on fractions and decimals, learning the basic skills in preparation for Grade 5. We are currently working on perimeter and area, with a small quiz on Thursday.

Students have worked on a “Sports Writing” unit in writing.   In this unit, students have learned to revise sentences using ING openers (Running, Striking, Weaving etc. ), clausals (when, while, where as, if , since, although – for short) , and who-which constructions.   This is very ambitious for Grade 4, but most have learned to use these techniques to write more interesting sentences.

Looking ahead to June we will have new projects in science:   light reports highlighting reflection, refraction, and dispersion of light.   These will be available in Showbie. Students will also explore the conversion of energy to different forms, and the movement of the earth and sun.

In math we will have a probability unit, which students will find interesting in the hot days of June.

Please contact me if you have any questions.


Mr. Stocker