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Principal’s Update August 20, 2020

By August 25, 2020No Comments

Dear Parents,

I hope everyone had some time to relax and enjoy your Summer break.  It has been a nervous and anxious time for all of us as we prepare for the school reopening in September.  We would like to ask all of you for your continued patience as we begin to work through all the directives provided by the Ministry of Education, and the Independent Schools’ Office for our restart plan. There has been so much news and opinions of what September will be like for students, teachers, and families. However, we ask you to continue to wait for the all the Ministry directives to be finalized in September, and for our plans to be posted before we criticize the back to school plans. Our goal is of course to mitigate as much of the risks as possible for students and staff as we have successfully done in our June Restart. We are working hard to ensure we continue to be a “COVID free” community.

As of today, these are our known dates:

  • August 17 – government shared its operational guidelines with school districts to support their restart plans and introduced their PPE and Mask policy
  • August 21 – school districts are required to submit their plans to the Ministry of Education for review and approval
  • August 26 – following plan approval by the Ministry of Education, school districts are asked to make their plans public

As per the September 10th start date for Public Schools as announced by the Ministry of Education last week, we await confirmation from our CISVA Office on our official start date for students which will likely be that date as well.

I would like you to continue to enjoy your Summer vacation and we look forward to providing you with more information for September in the next few weeks.

I will continue (as mention in my June Closing letter) to send weekly updates after Aug 20th. Thank you all for your patience and support of our OLS Community.

In the meantime, Stay Calm, Stay Safe, and Stay Kind!


Pasquale Balletta