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Dear Parents,

As we move into the summer months, we have many questions still to be answered. First, I wish to congratulate you all for your patience and your support over these last 3 most difficult months. We are blessed to have such a kind and caring community and although there has been much anxiety week to week with every government announcement, and every COVID update, we give thanks that so far we have not had any cases amongst our families! We are grateful for your diligence and your caution when returning and with your health screenings. As we have been updated on a week by week basis, we know that there must be a plan for September. As of right now, we will be planning for Stage 2 of the Ministry of Education 5 stage approach. See Below:

Five-stage approach for K-12 education during pandemic

The Ministry of Education has developed a five-stage approach: Stage 1 represents all students in all grades learning in the classroom, while still abiding by strict health and safety guidelines. Stage 5 represents a full suspension of all in-class instruction.

The aim is to begin school in September at Stage 1, if the risk of transmission is low and with the support of the provincial health officer. If there is an outbreak or a second wave in the 2020-21 school year, schools can move in and out of each of the stages to ensure the safety of students, their families and employees, while maintaining continuity of learning.

Education stages for K-12 students: So far,

Stage 5 – March – May 

Suspend all in-class instruction for all grades and students.

Remote and online learning for all students.

Stage 4 May 1st 

In-class learning for children of essential service workers, students with disabilities and students who require additional support, five days a week.

Remote and online learning continues for most students.

Stage 3 (current stage) June 2020

    • In-class learning for children of essential service workers, students with disabilities and students who require additional support, five days a week.
    • Kindergarten to Grade 5 – part time, two to three days a week, with 50% of students at a time in schools. 
    • Grades 6-12 – one day per week, with 20% of students at a time in schools. 
    • Remote and online learning continues to be available for students.
    • Parent/caregiver choice to return to in-class instruction.

Plans for Stage 2 *** September 2020***

    • In-class learning for children of essential service workers, students with disabilities and students who require additional support, five days a week.
    • In-class learning for all students in elementary school (kindergarten to Grade 7) on a full-time basis.
    • In-class learning for secondary students (grades 8 to 12) on a part-time basis, with 40% of students at a time in schools.
    • Remote and online learning continues to be available for secondary students.

Stage 1??

    • A return to full in-class instruction five days a week, while continuing to follow strict health and safety guidelines.

As you can see we are planning for Stage 2. Students in K-7 will be expected to return in September. This includes the Preschool classes for 3 and 4 year old’s as well.

We need to remember that we cannot predict the future, or the spread of the virus over the summer months. However, we have trusted our Public Health Officers, and so far they have been able to keep the spread down in the Province. We pray that people continue to follow all public health recommendations of social distancing, monitoring and isolating if they have symptoms, and of course wash hands frequently. Also, please use masks when possible in public places. We have spent the last month preparing all our supplies and cleaning protocols for our September return. We are ready! Thank you to my amazing teaching staff, classroom support aides, and my office staff for working so hard to ensure all programs can resume in the appropriate capacity for September!

We will have more information in August, once we get through the first 2 months of summer.

Stay tuned for updates which we will provide once they are given to us by the Ministry of Education, and the CISVA Superintendent’s office. There will be an update prior to September 1st, or sooner if the situation or plans for school in September changes. 


Mr. Stocker has posted our latest family Lip-Sync Challenge, and it is SPECTACULAR! Congratulations to all families who entered. The draw for prizes will be held on the last day of school. Families who completed all 3 challenges will receive a gift card! Other prizes will be drawn and picked up with the report cards! Please visit the OLS video section under Students. There are some truly talented families! Backstreet’s Back! Oh Yeah! Check it out!


Thank you to Father Richard and Mrs. Crescenzo who have worked along with the staff to ensure our Gr. 7 Farewell will be special. We are hosting our Grade 7 students for their closing Mass at 9 a.m. tomorrow. Unfortunately, we could not accommodate all parents and siblings at this time, as we had to prepare for the Awards and final day on Monday June 22nd. On Friday June 25th and Saturday June 26th, our Gr. 7 students will also receive their Sacrament of Confirmation. 

Therefore, we have had to balance all the closing events of all the grades while ensuring we can do so in the safest way possible. As every day we still see a few new cases of COVID, we MUST ensure that we were completely prepared to host the Gr. 7 families in the safest, and most organized way, while continuing to follow all provincial guidelines. This may have caused some uncertainty or changes to the original events stated in the beginning in June. However, we did not have all the information needed at that time and had to make adjustments. We thank you for your patience as there has been added challenges to adding the Confirmation prior to June 30th. Again, we are grateful to Father Richard for allowing the largest amount of families to be present for this important Sacrament. There are not too many Pastors willing to take on 5 Confirmation Masses in June, and 6 Communion Masses in September, while still performing all regular scheduled Parish weekday and weekend Masses! Thank you Father Richard, and Mrs. Crescenzo! All Events will be live streamed on the website. Click the live stream Facebook or YouTube links. 

We invite all families and students to watch our farewells to our amazing Gr. 7 students and their families live from school or at home!


Please refer to the Focus Week information on our website. Please Note: Parents are encouraged to update their children’s uniform for September as we are proceeding as a regular September start. We are not exactly sure what is going to happen over the summer, or in the early fall.  However, student uniforms will be required at some point for the year and we would like all students to be prepared. Uniform supply may be limited after September, so please take advantage of the Special Offers!

**Please read all the important updates from the classroom teachers for your specific grades closing information! Again, all events are VOLUNTARY!


June 19   Final Mass for Gr. 7 Students only. Regular day for in-school students 9 a.m. live streamed 

June 22   Gr. 7 Awards in Church. Parents in halls, regular day for in-school students 10 a.m. live streamed

June 25   LAST DAY for In-School Students. 12 p.m. dismissal

June 26   CONFIRMATION MASSES starting at 5 p.m. – No school for students

June 27   CONFIRMATION MASSES Starting at 11 a.m. live streamed

June 29   Parent drop-off for borrowed devices and books, and report card pick up for families 11 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. in GYM. Grade Teachers (except Kindergarten) will be present to handout report cards. Social Distancing and use of masks will be in effect!

Please keep checking or for updates!


Father Richard has updated the return to Church requirements and the Project Advance notice: 

Please note, families are advised to register at the rectory for their desired mass times. Please visit for all updates and live streams and PLEASE continue to support our Parish Activities, and over the summer months!

Thank you to all, and please continue to stay kind, stay safe, and stay connected!


P. Balletta,