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June 3, 2020


Dear Parents,

We have officially opened June 1st and as you can see by our Instagram posts @olseagles we are off to a great start! Again, the return for students is strictly voluntary. The purpose of splitting up the grades and the days for the classes is to ensure there will be enough physical distancing space for all students while in and out of the building. This includes separate recess breaks and no sharing of materials, food, clothing or supplies.


The OLS Safety protocols are posted on the School Website We are following the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Health, and Work Safe BC guidelines.

a)  Daily Family and Staff screening checklists before entry

Parents must evaluate their child’s health each day prior to coming to school. After each weekend and PRIOR to attending the NEXT week, the Screening Form must be sent to the school either in paper or online to the classroom teacher.

The next  1, 2 or more days within that same week an email to the office stating: “My children (names) are NOT experiencing any symptoms as per Part A or been in contact with anyone diagnosed with COVID-19, or travelled out of the Country as per Part B of the Checklist  today” will suffice.

  • NO one will be allowed entry and may not attend school if they are showing any symptoms of a common cold, influenza, COVID-19, or other respiratory diseases. Students will also be screened at school by their classroom teachers throughout the day. If they develop symptoms while at school, they will immediately be sent home.
  • Students who have travelled outside Canada in the last 14 days, or who have been in contact with someone who travelled outside of Canada in the last 14 days or have been in contact with someone who has been diagnosed with Covid-19 must stay home and self-isolate.

Parents may drive (Pender Gate Only!) or walk (Turner or Slocan Gates) into the drop-off zones – stand on the school sidewalk and orange lines. A staff member of the school will do a quick health check and provide/spray the child with hand sanitizer (alcohol based) prior to the child being permitted to enter the back doors.

b) If possible, we ask that parents please wear a mask.  Parents and other caregivers will not be permitted to enter the school.

c)  The back doors will be open from 8:30- 8:50 a.m. daily.

d)  Students will line up 2m apart at the orange lines (if there are any backups to entry).

e)  Parents may park in the lot (Enter from the Pender street entrance ONLY!) follow the signs for cars! TURNER GATE IS WALK IN ONLY!

f)  Dismissal after school 2:30-2:45 p.m. will be similar as to practice appropriate physical distancing. PLEASE LEAVE BY 2:45 p.m. as the lots must be cleared by 3p.m. daily.

g)  Parents can park in the lot and STAY by their cars at 2:30 p.m. in the separated and marked stalls. Please stay the 2 Meters (a parking stall width) away from the next person or car!

h)  Students will be walked out 2m apart starting with K and going grade by grade until Grade 5 on Monday thru Thursday

i)  Grade 6/7s will have the same procedures on Fridays.

j)  There is no playground open during morning, afterschool pickup or drop-offs!


k)  Parents must stay in or beside their cars and students must go from cars to cones, and straight from the doors to the cars.

l)  All Surfaces will be wiped daily after use and washrooms will be cleaned twice daily. *Only Ministry approved cleaners will be used!

m) Personal protection devices are optional for students; however, ALL STAFF will be using masks or face shields and gloves where appropriate and when social distancing is not feasible. For younger students who maybe shocked by the new PPEs we are telling them that it’s because our teachers are now acting like the health professionals and keeping them safe!

n) Recess and lunches will be separate for each class and there will be no large group gatherings

0) Students will only be using their own equipment and there will be a limited number of group games they can play that doesn’t allow for touching. Students may bring games from home for their personal use only.

p) Specialist teachers will be teaching from the school and be providing breaks for those students and teachers daily. All assigned work by specialists will be repeated and available for home use.

q) Synchronous (teacher live directed) learning will be the same at school and online. Teachers may adjust their synchronous learning schedules to accommodate the new learning schedules from school, as well to help coordinate with students in other grades.

r) Asynchronous learning (student directed homework) will not be led by the teachers but by other staff members such as student aides and support teachers at school. This work is the same at both school and at home. Deadlines will be adjusted so to give students working from home more time to complete.


Please click here (NEAT UNIFORMS Focus Week) for information on OLS focus week!


Thank you to all the families who are participating Week 2 Challenge!

We have adjusted (increased the times and halved distance) the challenge; so keep sending in your videos! We will accept them at any time! Many families adapted the challenges and that is also great as the point is to make it about FUN and FAMILY! Check out our video’s links on our website under the student’s menu for all our new videos!

Each family will have up to 30 seconds – “use a timer or a count down and have someone as a score keeper” or count out loud. Have all family members 1 parent/ Adult and all children together to complete 1 of the 4 options below.

We will allow you to choose any 1 of the 4, or complete and film all 4! and submit to Mr. Stocker as before in Seesaw or Classroom. Again, they are to be completed together as a family!

The challenge is the Total in 30 seconds no matter how many plays. Each family member must play. Preschool, K /1 students can start half the distance of the challenge i.e. 3ft.

Practise as much as you want but the 30 seconds filming must be continuous!

The SPORTS DAY challenges are as follows. Preschool students are optional.

You will need a table or counter or floor space for a 6ft away start line and 30 seconds or a 30 second countdown for:

1) MEASURING CUP Water and Tablespoon relay, how much water can a family fill in the Measuring Cup from a Bowl of water 6ft away and tablespoon relay. You can have the spoons filled and ALL can start at the same time as long as you go back and fill the spoons with the same water bowl and into the same 250ml measuring cup. Add some food colouring to see the level on the cup the end of the 30 seconds.

2) Toilet paper EMPTY TUBE TOSS and a see-through Wastepaper Basket. How many total tubes you can toss into a wastepaper basket in 30 seconds alternating shooters? 1 tube per shooter at a time and alternate family members count the tubes at the end that go into the basket after 30 seconds. You can hold all the tubes in your hands, but shooters must alternate. Pre, K, and grade 1 can start 3ft from around the basket. You can have the basket in the middle of the floor of all the family in a 6ft circle as long as you alternate shooters.

3) Rolled up Sports Socks Bowling Pins (plastic empty 500ml water or pop bottles/cans) set up 6ft away 5 empty plastic water or pop bottles in a straight line close as possible together without them touching. You can roll or throw the socks at the “pins” once all 5 are down the last thrower sets them up again as many times in 30 seconds as you can.

4) Rubber Band Archery with empty plastic water or pop bottles knock off the kitchen or dining room table. Line up all the bottles on one of the short (30-36inch) width sides/edges of a kitchen or dining room table.  Shooters must have their elbows down on the opposite side of the table and all shooters shoot the rubber bands continuously for 30 seconds; shooting as many as possible using any size rubber band. You can have a pile beside each of the shooters. Count how many bottles are knocked off the table (again, in a straight line as close as possible together without them touching). The outside of the plastic bottle bottom must be in line with the outside edge of the table. If time permits you can have someone reset the bottles that fall. Count how many bottles fall off in 30 seconds. I.e. flimsy light bottles are easier than gatorades!

All families who enter will be eligible for family prizes, special passes and gifts at the end of June. Each family video per week sent will count as an entry form for the prize draws.

More details will be sent through your classroom teachers’ tomorrow!

Again, we are all grateful of Our Lady of Sorrows School and Parish Community.

Please keep checking or for updates!

Thank you to all, and please continue to stay safe and connected!


Mr. P. Balletta,