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Dear parents of Grade 4 students:

Foundation Skills Assessment
This has been a busy couple of weeks preparing for the provincial Foundation Skills Assessment exams. We will be officially starting the six-part series of assessments this week. As you may know, the FSA examinations cover reading, writing and numeracy skills. Portions are classroom based and some are on computers. Students have been prepared by being exposed to similar questions, so that this is not a stressful ordeal. Because of the online components, computer skills are important in the process. As a teacher, the process of these exams is far more important than the achievement. Students have learned about best tips for answering multiple choice questions, how to write comparison paragraphs, how to complete online questions and forms, as well as writing longer stories and working for longer periods in a sustained way.

Please ensure your child attends school this week and next week

In a few weeks we will be sending home the marked exams which are a snapshot of student skills in these areas. We will also be having more updates on this site.

Marking and Progress Reporting
This year there will be no Letter Grades in Grade 4 until the final term. Individual work or projects may be marked numerically, or with the following rubric:

BEG – Beginning: Student is beginning to acquire/understand concept or skill with assistance
DEV – Developing: student is starting to acquire/understand skill or concept
APP or PRO – Applying/Proficient: student has acquired/understood skill or concept
EXT – Extending: student demonstrates sophisticated mastery or understanding of skill or concept
More details will be coming about assessment including enclosures in the First Term Progress Reports.