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Dear Parents,

I hope you have all had the ability to rest and enjoy your family day long weekend!

I am writing this letter to inform you that due to a positive COVID-19 exposure in the pre-school last week between February 8-10 (see following VCH letter attached), we will have to isolate the Preschool staff and will be closing the Pre-school to in-school instruction until March 1st, 2020. 

Pre-School Self-monitor letter

We also have a reported COVID-19 exposure case in Kindergarten between Feb 9 &10 (see following VCH letter attached).  There are NO other exposures in any other grade at this time. However, as we do have siblings of Pre-school/Kindergarten in higher grades, we are asking siblings of Preschool and Kindergarten families to also be isolating with any of the symptomatic, or with any of the positive COVID-19 cases.  If siblings or family members do not have any symptoms, they may return to school provided they have completed the COVID-19 screening checklist at .

Kindergarten Self-monitor letter

Again, any direct exposures will be contacted by Vancouver Coastal Health. If you have any questions or concerns, follow the VCH guidelines or call 811 for advice. 

We will continue to update you if there are any changes and will continue to evaluate the situation as we receive more information from Vancouver Coastal Health.  

Thank you for your understanding and for continuing to monitor and self- evaluate your children for any symptoms before sending them back to school. Especially thank you for your continued caution for not sending sick kids to school. Your continued efforts of wearing masks in common areas, keeping your distance and not congregating in the pick-up and drop-off areas, has allowed the school to continue to be low risk and avoid COVID-19 exposures.


Pasquale Balletta,